10 short pieces that are bound together by a single conceptual thread.
What do the numbers say to you?

“1… BREATH” – Kathak Mathematicians will tell you, One, is the first non-zero natural number. Any number multiplied by One remains that number. It's identity will not change but One adds incrementally, like your breath. Each breath you take adds one moment to your life . Like number One, breath after another does not change you instantly but transforms you slowly. The breath - swas -श्वास in Sanskrit or sans -साांस in Hindi - becomes an unending prana (प्राण) of infinite cosmic play, like number One adding up to the infinite. Feel your Prana to sense the power of infinite, hear it to become One with One.

  • Concept, Choreography and Dance: Gauri Diwakar
  • Costumes: Sandhya Raman

“2…KAL” – Kathak कल: आज की स्मृतियााँआज का सपना..
कल: अिीि की परछाई या भतिष्य का आभास...
Is it yesterday or is it tomorrow?

  • Concept, Choreography and Dance: Rashmi Uppal & Dheerendra Tiwari
  • Tarana: Original composition by Ashwini Bheede Deshpande
  • Costumes: Female: Rashmi Uppal | Male : Aditi Mangaldas ( originally for Samvet @ Drishtikon)

“3…TRIVENI” – Music Musical composition based on the three rivers- Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati Music Composition: Faraz Ahmed and Ashish Gangani Performers: Ashish Gangani, Faraz Ahmed & Mohit Gangani Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas

“4…चारावली” – Kathak

  • चार कलाएंचााँदके
  • कर देंमनववभोर
  • हंविया,अर्ध,कु बराऔर पूर्ध
  • देखेयूंचकोर
  • चलेइतरायेमोती छलकाए
  • पविम िेपूरबओर
  • चारोंरूप की छवव िुहानी
  • झलकेनभ केछोर
  • Concept & Choreography: Rachana Yadav & Anindita Acharjee
  • Dancers: Rachana Yadav, Anindita Acharjee, Tripti Gupta & Diksha Tripathi
  • Music composition: Faraz Ahmed |Poetry: Rachana Yadav
  • Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas (originally for Infinite Journey @ Drishtikon)

“5…ELEMENTS” – Contemporary dance based on Kathak An exploration of the five elements through the use of the human body. The body, which is a play of five elements, so is the world, so is the universe: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Any imbalance in the five elements brings imbalance in the Pran Shakti. If any one element is taken out, the body would collapse.

  • Choreography: Manoj Sonagra (Assisted by Gaurav Bhatti, Aamrapali Bhandari and Minhaz Khan)
  • Dancers: Manoj Sonagra, Minhaz Khan , Sunny Shishodiya, Gaurav Bhatti and Aamrapali Bhandari
  • Special mentor: Deepak K. Shivaswamy
  • Music: “Deep Blue”, composed and performed by Bensound
  • Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas (Originally for Now Is @ Drishtikon)

“6…SEEING THE UNSEEN” – Contemporary dance based on Kathak | Music The five senses are the usual physical senses that we can experience. But sometimes there is a knowing of the unknown- the 6th sense! It takes you to your past, your present or even your future! Without you being there...

  • Choreography: Minhaz Khan (assistance by Aamrapali Bhandari, Manoj Sonagra and Gaurav Bhatti with special thanks to all other dancers for their help)
  • Dancers: Minhaz Khan, Aamrapali Bhandari, Anjana Kumari, Tripti Gupta, Manoj Sonagra & Gaurav Bhatti
  • Special mentor: Deepak K. Shivaswamy, Gauri Diwakar
  • Music composition for the interlude : All the musicians and Dheerendra Tiwari
  • Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas (Originally for Timeless @ Drishtikon)

“7…SURYASHVA” – Kathak The Sun God is seated on a chariot drawn by seven horses.The journey of Surya's Ashva from the East to the West is showcased as a musical journey of the seven horses depicting different swaras (Sur Ashva).

  • सप्ताश्व रथमारूढम्प्रचांडम्कश्यपात्मजम्
  • श्वेिपद्मधरम्देिम्सूययम्प्रणमाम्यहम्l
  • Choreography: Sunny Shishodiya
  • Dancers: Sunny Shishodiya, Minhaz Khan, Anjana Kumari, Tripti Gupta, Manoj Sonagra, Gaurav Bhatti & Diksha Tripathi
  • Guidance: Pt. Birju Maharaj
  • Music composition: Sunny Shishodiya and Faraz Ahmed
  • Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas (Originally for Uncharted Seas@ Drishtikon)

“8…NIRANTAR-THE INFINITE” – Kathak The number 8 as a symbol is of infinity – that which is everlasting.
“It has no beginning, no end, it’s nothing yet everything, it’s one breath yet no breath -everything is there and in between is infinity “. - Aakash Odedra

  • Concept and Choreography: Anjana Kumari ( special thanks to all the dancers for their help)
  • Dancers: Anjana Kumari, Aamrapali Bhandari , Diksha Tripathi ,Tripti Gupta, Minhaz Khan , Manoj Sonagra, Sunny Shishodiya & Gaurav Bhatti
  • Inspiration: Pt. Rajendra Gangani
  • Music composition: Faraz Ahmed, Ashish Gangani, Anjana Kumari
  • Costumes: Aditi Mangaldas (Originally for Infinite Journey @ Drishtikon)

“9…NAU” - Kathak Nine in English is Nau in Hindi and in Urdu. It is magical when combined with emotions or adjectives. In Urdu nau-ba-nau ( नौ-ब-नौ) means new, fresh while nau-khej (नौ खेज)means newly risen or adolescent. What happens when one becomes an adolescent? You can only be special when you are Nau, the number nine , the new one , the adolescent! It is this age of nau-khej which sees love all around. This is the magic and this is the fun of Number 9, presented with the use of 9 Matras.

  • Concept and Choreography: Gauri Diwakar
  • Dancers: Gauri Diwakar, Minhaz Khan, Anjana Kumari, Aamrapali Bhandari, Sunny Shishodiya, Manoj Sonagra, Tripti Gupta, Diksha Tripathi & Gaurav Bhatti Text: Ritu Samhar by Kalidasa
  • Costumes: Female : Gauri Diwakar Male : Aditi Mangaldas (Originally for Rhythm & Sound @ Drishtikon )

“10…DASHAVATAR” – Contemporary dance based on Kathak यदा यदा हि धर्मस्यग्लाहिर्मवहिर्ारि । अभ्युत्थािर्धर्मस्यिदात्मािंसृजाम्यिर््॥ पररत्राणाय
साधूिांहविाशाय च दुष्कृ ।िार््धर्मसंस्थापिाथामयसम्भवाहर् युगेयुगे॥

Vishnu himself has taken physical form and descended upon the earth nine times so far, each time returning its inhabitants to the path of divine righteousness. Who are we to question this divine righteousness? What is written in the scriptures, and interpreted for us by holy men, must, unquestionably, be correct. We should do as we are told, lest we anger Vishnu once again, and He incarnates for the tenth time, as Kalki, and ends us all.

  • Choreography: Gaurav Bhatti (assistance by Manoj Sonagra, Mohit Shridhar, Minhaz Khan and Aamrapali Bhandari with special thanks to all the dancers for their help)
  • Dancers: Gaurav Bhatti, Gauri Diwakar, Dheerendra Tiwari, Minhaz Khan, Anjana Kumari, Aamrapali Bhandari, Manoj Sonagra, Tripti Gupta, Diksha Tripathi & Sunny Shishodiya Special mentor: Deepak K. Shivaswami, Saattvic Music: Hiren Chate |Singer: Eva Brandt
  • Costumes: Female : Aditi Mangaldas (Originally for Changing Landscapes @ Drishtikon) / Male : Gaurav Bhatti

FULL CREDITS Concept of 10x10, Curation and Mentoring for all the pieces:
Aditi Mangaldas

  • Musicians:
  • Tabla & Padhant: Mohit Gangani
  • Pakhawaj & Padhant: Ashish Gangani
  • Vocal & Harmonium: Faraz Ahmed
  • Flute: Rohit Prasanna | Sarangi : Amir Khan
  • Light Design : Govind Singh Yadav
  • Sound Engineer: Yogesh Dhawan
  • Stage Design: Aditi Mangaldas inspired by the design for Svogat by Iqbal Kumar