• Concept and Choreography: Aditi Mangaldas
  • Troupe: 7-8 dancers/ 3 musicians/ 2 tech- light & sound/ 1 manager
  • Total Duration: 1hr 10 Min
  • World Premiere: Mumbai, 2016
  • Everything Theatre

Inter_rupted emerges from the body, exploring its fragility, disintegration, resilience, vulnerability, invincibility, inevitability and renewal. In celebration of human existence, the body and its spirit.  

Throw of dice
Broken flowers and ash
Beating heart and interruptions
Journeys and aspirations
Meeting myself

“When we look at the body in finer and finer detail, can we find what we’re protecting? If we visualise searching right down amid the very marrow for the thingness of our body, can we find it? Attachment to one’s physical form is based on the body being a reliable, continuous entity. But can we pinpoint what we’re clinging to when we probe its depths?” Pema Chodron  

Choreographer's note:  Are we all not, at some time or another, trying to hold onto something that we can not hold on to? Knowing this reality, do we not shut it out, deny it, store it in the deep recesses of our being… to be brought out when the time comes? And yet is not every living moment just 'that time’?

We fight the inevitable! We want a continuous flow, a never ending existence…but it is always and every time Inter_rupted.

As skin, muscle and bone disintegrate…where do your emotions and thoughts reside? When emotions and thoughts disintegrate, where does your trace reside? And when all is gone from the known, dust to dust or one with the wind and the oceans, where does your love reside?

This piece wasn't easy to make, as I had to face the very “moment” that the work talks about. In this piece that is all I have done…..tried to not capture anything…..just to face it, if possible

I urge you to view it as a moment in life, like any that we might strive to hold on to... even if all is transient, all is flowing, and yet all is Inter_rupted.

“Inter_rupted is a deeply personal work by Aditi Mangaldas. It explores a moment in her life where she confronted her own mortality and expresses it with grace and vulnerability. It was an immense pleasure to go on this journey with her, her company and the creative team. It required a different kind of emotional and physical risk and I personally believe it marks a significant turning moment in her career as a choreographer as she adds more fragile and delicate textures to her already distinctive dance language.”   Farooq Chaudhry

"The first word that comes to mind when I try to describe Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company’s Inter_rupted is “rapture”. Uplifting and incredibly spiritual, the performance surpasses all my expectations and I leave Esplanade -Theatres on the Bay in a daze. The dancing brings about vivid imagery, one after another in quick succession, and they bring me along this journey with their use of contemporary dance that is inspired by kathak."   Teo Dawn, Five Lines, Singapore, 2019

“Mangaldas and her dancers reveal more than virtuosity, they reveal the poetic soul of this profoundly beautiful and meaningful dance... into a company piece that sets individual adjustments in pace - a sudden pause interrupts the movement flow, the dancer is caught in fragile immobility - against vivid glimpses of shared relationships in duets and ensembles.” Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland, Glasgow Scotland, 2017

“Her latest work, Inter_rupted, certainly melds elements of kathak tradition and contemporary dance and theatre design. Mangaldas clearly respects those traditions and where they came from, but equally recognises that they are not static. They change and evolve to meet changing tastes and demands. Indeed, if they are to remain relevant, one can argue they must change. Traditions that do not do so can easily become dead traditions. Besides being superbly danced, Inter_rupted is visually stunning. Delhi-based stage designer Manish Kansara’s fabric ‘walls’ back and sides have the look of light-coloured wood and are littered with various marks. shapes and designs. Japanese film and theatre costume designer Kimie Nakano earthy dust coloured costumes sit very pleasantly against them. Best though are the shadowy, projected human shapes that appear from time to time, perhaps memories of the past, perhaps spirits watching... ”   David Mead, SeeingDance editor, 2016

Inter_rupted was awarded as the best other contemporary works in 2016 by Senior Critic David Mead at Seeing Dance annual awards in whose words, “Best other contemporary work in 2016: So, so many to choose from, but if you have to force my hand, it’s Inter_rupted by Aditi Mangaldas,  whose company and contemporary approach to classicism and tradition felt not unlike a sort of Indian Cloud Gate.”