Seeking The Beloved  
  • Choreography: Aditi Mangaldas 
  • Solo Performance / Live Music
  • Troupe: 1 Dancer, 4 Musicians, 2 tech- light & sound/ 1 manager
  • Vocal Composition:Samiullah Khan and The Drishtikon Repertory  
  • Duration:1 Hour 
  • Premiere: India, 2008

Through Meera Bai
An extract from " Uncharted Seas".
I gaze, amazed at his beauty. I am engulfed in his love and drenched with his colours! "Oh beloved, my eyes are wonderstruck at your beauty". Your body glows with the jewels that adorn you. Each limb glistens with luster and brilliance! I have become one with you...No wonder people think that I have lost my senses and my way!

Through Hazrat Amir Khusrau
wondrous eyes full of languor, wondrous tresses wavy and long,
wondrous wine worshipper, wondrous mischievous one...
I am intoxicated by you; I am infused by your being. Passion for you has become a frenzy and it rises in me like waves. I am full of your hues. Those who get bathed in your colours, are truly blessed.

Through Sant Kabir
Ah, the fragility of life, this finely woven delicate tapestry of life! Oh Lord, what thread have you used to weave this complex and intricate tapestry? That is drenched and immersed in you and that I return as is!

“Aditi Mangaldas opened the show and within the first few minutes established that this was no ordinary performance….She (Aditi) performed the most sublime kathak. The form was putty in her hands, to be pulled and skewed and twisted until she could give it the three dimensional quality of a sculptor…..Always moving and changing with lightening speed and fierce attack…..The use of music was sensationally original. The unadorned accompaniment was highly effective.” Sanjeevini Dutta, The Pulse, Winter 2009, London

“In the final moments of Majid Majidi's 2001 film Baran, a young wastrel-turned-activist hero watches as the love of his life, an Afghan refugee in Iran, departs for her homeland. Though he is never to see her again, his love for her has been truly transformative.... As she walks away amid falling rain, the camera cuts to a close-up of the girl's slowly dissolving footprint in the grey-brown slush. Something about a solo evening performance by Aditi Mangaldas.... evoked for me this exquisitely ephemeral image in Baran, signalling perhaps hope, perhaps despair, perhaps solace for pain, now here, now gone. Mangaldas traversed the space between temporality and transcendence, invoking the ghosts of bhakti and sufi poets past, straddling the line between contemporary and classical Kathak in the process.” Akhila Ramnarayan, Shruti, 2012 Dance India Asia Pacific Festival, Singapore