• Choreography: Aditi Mangaldas
  • Group Performance on Live Music
  • Troupe:  5-10 Dancers, 3 Musicians, 2 Tech- Light & Sound/ 1 Manager
  • Duration: 15 - 35 Minutes (It is in editable parts) 

A celebration of life shown through the abstract and pure technical aspect of Kathak. Utsav, a celebration of the body and its spirit. The traditional repertoire of Kathak unfolds itself like a bud that slowly flowers to reveal its various colours, forms, fragrances and nuances. It has elements of brilliant rhythmic patterns through which graceful movements interweave. As the momentum builds up, the dance acquires a lightning speed and is interspersed by fast pirouettes and complicated footwork permutations, ending with salutation to the sun, the life giver, to grant us energy and strength.

“The dancers perform with high energy and one marvels at the technique evolved that astounds the audiences.” Sunil Kothari, narthaki.com