“India's dancer Aditi Mangaldas weaves the silver threads of Kathak into Egyptian audience.” Ati Metwaly, Ahram Online, Cairo, Egypt

“Aditi excelled in her concept, choreography and excellent execution, which was a sheer visual poetry.” Manjari Sinha, The Statesman, New Delhi

"Mangaldas and her dancers reveal more than virtuosity, they reveal the poetic soul of this profoundly beautiful and meaningful dance. Mangaldas, now (unbelievably) in her fifties, has poured her own awareness of time passing, of age changing her perspectives on life and mortality, into a company piece that sets individual adjustments in pace - a sudden pause interrupts the movement flow, the dancer is caught in fragile immobility - against vivid glimpses of shared relationships in duets and ensembles." Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland, Glasgow

“Mangaldas…owned the stage... In her tribute to Krishna you could see clearly how the footwork, pinned to the musical rhythm, provided a base for the spiralling, asymmetrical torsions of the upper body….Mangaldas harnessed the formal dynamic to intimate something larger: a diagonal series of turns embodied drive and direction, sudden freezes became moments of attainment or reflection, and in one magical scene, the rustle of ankle bells in the dark suggested a hushed pulse of life within the void.” Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian, London

“..Mangaldas, a truly musical dancer…Mangaldas, a truly musical dancer, is accompanied by four musicians and has a deep and instinctive rapport with them.” Lynette Halewood, DanceTabs, London