“Aditi Mangaldas’ elfin presence always sets the stage on fire.” Angela Paljor, Daily Pioneer

“Aditi has broken new ground by using her knowledge and experience of Kathak as a springboard to evolve a contemporary dance vocabulary.” Bhanu Kumar, The Hindu

“Aditi has carved her own niche in the international contemporary dance scene. Hers is a long journey and it has been relentless. The dancers perform with high energy and one marvels at the technique evolved that astounds the audiences.” Dr Sunil Kothari, www.narthaki.com

“Appearing delicate and petite Aditi is a powerhouse of energy… Aditi has been scaling great artistic heights pushing the boundaries of Kathak enriching it with poetry, movement, music, costume, lighting and coalescing various elements in a refreshing manner” Dr Sunil Kothari, www.narthaki.com

“Her (Mangaldas’) dance form, Kathak, is centuries old, but her sensibility is as modern as today. She has astonishing technical skills; yet her dance is more than that. It is movement choreographed as a series of answers to questions posed by her inquiring mind. Her mudras are delicate, often tremulous in their suggestiveness, her footwork precise and powerful. Her expression ranges from the tender to the tempestuous, from the curious to the confident, from wonderment to bliss. Her dance demonstrates what it means to be utterly free in body, mind and spirit to explore the world.” Shanta Gokhale, Mumbai Mirror

"Aditi Mangaldas, ever on a quest. An exceptional performer and choreographer, Aditi’s dance stands out for the contrast it conjures up – charged stillness and whirling energy." Chitra Swaminathan, The Hindu